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Blazingly-fast trading at your fingertips with our free-to-use Telegram bot. 

New Tokens

Get alerts, straight to your device, whenever a new token is listed. Nobody will see new tokens faster than you.


Refer your friends and earn 30% of their fees in the first month. 20% in the second and 10% forever!

PNL Overview

Comprehensive position management, tracking Market Cap, Profit After Fees, Liquidity, Token Balance, and Recent Price Changes to help you spot trends.

Bonk Buy and Burn

100% of fees from trades go directly to buying $BONK, and 20% of all fees instantly burn $BONK

Why BONKbot?

With routing powered by Jupiter, BONKbot is the fastest way to buy, sell, and manage your trades - keeping you in control.

All Fees Go To Buying $BONK

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